December 20, 2019

Office of the Institute of Certified Financial Managers UK Ukraine & ICB, Kyiv, December 20, 2019. The final session of the 2019 Strategic Focus Group ICFM UK Ukraine & ICB, with the participation of Yuri Navruzov and Helen Khorikova on the topic “7 Steps to Success and Happiness”, was successfully held.

Issues that have been addressed:
🔺 Step 1. How and what goals I set and how I record their achievements❓
🔺 Step 2. How and what resources do I use to achieve my goals❓
🔺 Step 3. How do I concentrate on achieving ❓
🔺 Step 4. How do I ensure continuous development❓
🔺 Step 5. How do I ensure work – life balance❓
🔺 Step 6. How do I share the results with others❓
🔺 Step 7. How do I develop my own image ❓

These and other issues were discussed during the meeting of the Strategic Focus Group, the exchange of views and discussion took place during the coffee break.

We hope that advice and exchange of experience will certainly help you determine: What is success, happiness and pleasure for us❗️

We wish you: Move only forward, set new goals and reach new heights ❗️

“In order to achieve the impossible, you need to encroach on the absurd.” Miguel de Cervantes.

We thank Yuriy Navruzov and Helen Khorikova for an interesting presentation, and of course we thank the participants of the meeting for partnership and cooperation with us, special thanks to the staff of the ICFM UK Ukraine & ICB office for the excellent preparation of our meeting.

Congratulations to our partners, students and members of ICFM & ICB Global on the upcoming holidays, Christmas and New Year 2020, from all our partners, we wish you Happiness, Well-being, Peace, new Achievements, implementation of all Goals and Projects, fulfillment of Wishes.

Thank you for the partnership, trust and cooperation with ICFM & ICB & ICB Global, interesting projects and our joint events KEEP CALM and HIRE a ICB & ICFM are sure to be waiting for us in the new year & ICFM.

Congratulations our partners and friend ICFM UK Ukraine & ICB Tim John Woodhouse

Presentation materials are available on the ICFM Affiliate Candidates Facebook group.

December 20, 2019 A meeting was held with the Center for Professional Accountants – Head Vladimir Metelitsa, in the framework of the intentions of joint cooperation and partnership since 2020, between organizations to support the professional development of accountants in the agricultural sector. Thank you Vladimir for the joint productive meeting and the implementation of our intentions ❗️
Year and week expire, and we work, work, work.
Thanks to the whole team of the ICFM UK Ukraine & ICB office – you are the best ❗️

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