ICFM membership benefits

Specialists with ICFM diplomas, ICFM members and students can take part in events held by ICFM&ICB&ICB Global.

  • ICFM members get an access to exclusive information, resources and recent content from еру leading experts of the world
  • Information about latest changes in the field of financial management and accounting, IAS IFRS, internal audit, law and taxation aspects, personnel and enterprise management
  • Access to the latest lectures of qualified specialists and leading tutors of the world
  • Employment through the leading HR agencies and ICFM partners
  • Recommendations from ICFM Representative
  • Communication with colleagues and partners from Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Europe, USA and other countries
  • Roundtable discussion of economic issues
  • Access to business reviews and news by e-mail or visiting ICFM UK Ukraine website
  • Special benefits and discounts from ICFM partners around the world
  • Participation in business-briefings, including Council on IFRS, London Stock Exchange, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • ICFM members are given employment opportunities through the leading recruitment agencies and ICFM partners (direct your CV to the Representative Office )
  • ICFM member may receive recommendation from ICFM Representative Office
  • ICFM member gets an access to lectures of qualified specialists and leading educators from around the world (some materials can be converted into a format suitable for listening or viewing on mobile phones *)
  • ICFM members receive qualified assistance and annually upgrade their skills on CPD program and online CPD training from ICFM teachers.
  • ICFM members have an access to an invaluable network of contacts with their colleagues and partners from Ukraine and Eastern Europe, Europe, the USA and other countries.
  • ICFM members receive business reviews and news by e-mail or visiting ICFM UK Ukraine website
  • ICFM members are eligible to receive special benefits and discounts from ICFM partners around the world
  • They receive information on the latest changes in the field of: financial management and accounting, IAS, IFRS, internal audit, legal aspects and taxation, personnel and enterprise management
  • The ICFM members participate in delegations and business briefings, including: IFRS Council, the London Stock Exchange, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the HM Treasury and the UK Parliament and other international organisations
  • Meeting business partners; participation in delegations; international, national cooperation and partnerships; development of new forms of business partnership
  • Participation in strategic focus groups; educational and business meetings worldwide.
  • Participation in annual events and meetings: SUMMIT, LUCA AWARDS, CONFERENCE, HM Treasury and British Parliament, IFAC &IASB, IAESB, OPBAS,HMT-UK,HMRS-UK, London Stock Exchange, ICAEW, FATF, The Bank of England, European Federation of Bookkeepers (EFoB), International Federation of Bookkeepers (IFoB), Inspire Tour and other business meetings.
  • Participation in the annual global event – reception and international AWARDS LUCA: “The best Student of the Year”, “The Best Financial Manager of the Year”, “The Best Employer of the Year”, “The Best Learning Center of the Year”, “The best Tutor od the Year” and other. “Luca Pacioli” is prestigious recognition, “Oscar” of the accounting world, where companies/organisations, awards their best representatives for outstanding achievements in their profession, with the participation of the Royal Family members, representatives of business and high society of the United Kingdom and the world, Ambassadors of many countries. These meeting are held in the city of London, United Kingdom.


ICB Global: The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and The Institute of Certified Financial Managers. Head Office of ICFM&ICB in London.

🇬🇧🌍 ICB Global: ICB & ICFM has its #representatives in 168 countries. 5200 examination centers in the world. 271 000 students and members in the world.