September – October 2019

ICFM UK Ukraine Office Kyiv, October 04, 2019 Strategic Focus-Group ICFM. We invite participants to the Strategic Focus-Group 5th meeting with Yuri Navruzov: “Magic Formula of a Leader”. Do You know, what does a leader’s strength mean?
Who for? To Managers, Project managers, Financiers and Lawyers…is «prescribed»!

5th Working Session Program and issues to be considered:
👉 “ The Magic Formula of a Leader”
🔺 Do you know what does a leader’s strength mean?
🔺 What does it consist of?
🔺 How can I increase it?
🔺 Is it accessible to everyone?
🔺 When a leader’s strength is wasted?
🔺 And when it gets its maximum performance?
🔺 What is the magic formula of a leader’s strength?
The philosopher Albert Schweitzer wrote once: “A personal example is not just the best method of persuasion, it is the only one”.

These and other issues will be discussed during 5th meeting of the ICFM Strategic Focus Group on October 4, 2019, 10:00-16:00. We invite all regular participants and we will be happy to see new faces! See you soon!

Sign up and register: 044 251 18 07, 461 94 62, 067 657 20 73

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