August – September 2020

Institute of Certified Financial Managers UK Ukraine ICFM & ICB Institute of Certified Bookkeepers & ICB Global and All partners Eastern Europe congratulations We would like to congratulate the whole team of Asociaţia Contabililor şi Auditorilor Profesionişti din Republica Moldova Georgeta Covaliov-Rusu 🇲🇩

July 16, 2020

Ukraine, Kyiv, ICFM UK Ukraine & ICB & BCP & ICB Global conducts the Marathon – online with congratulations on the Day of the Accountant and Auditor of Ukraine. During the day on July 16, 2020 from 10:00 to 24:00 on social networks, you are greeted by national, international organizations and partners from many countries around the world.

July 2020

Ukraine, Kyiv, Institute of Certified Financial Managers UK Ukraine & ICB. Dnipro River, 11 July 2020, Strategic Focus-Group with Helen Khorikova and Yuri Navruzov “Following the viral COVID 19 business design”.

11 липня 2020