14 february 2020

Ukraine, Kyiv, Institute of Certified Financial Managers UK Ukraine & ICB, February 14, 2020, ICFM Strategic Focus Group “Love management” Happy Valentine’s Day. The first meeting of the Leadership Role “Leader Roles and the Secret to Performing them: Finding Yourself or Love Management” with Yuri Navruzov passed.

Issues that have been addressed:
🔺 What is Leadership❓How do I know myself❓Fulfillment of the role.
🔺Playing the Leader role: advantages and disadvantages.
🔺Leader’s most important skills. My role.
🔺”But how about the mur.”
🔺If you need (or can) a leader to love and why (for what): Your followers❓My clients❓ Your competitors❓Your / your roles❓Self❓
🔺”Ringelman’s Insidious Effect.”

☝️”You are afraid – do not do – do not be afraid”. Genghis Khan

♥️ On Valentine’s Day together, we had everything: Love management, role-playing games, cases and examples, humor and communication, gift exchange, Certificate delivery, glasses for love and homework 💞

The presentation materials are available on the ICFM UK Ukraine Facebook page in the Affiliated Candidates group

🔺Thank you Yuri and all the participants in the meeting, the ICFM office team♥️ for meeting and time, communication and gifts 🎁

We wish everyone on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year harmony and development in the whole sphere of life ♥️ be sure to love yourself and your life 👉 Love and be loved ♥️💯 ♥️

University “Ukraine” UU, Ukrhydroenergo, Ukrhydroenergo Press Service, JCB and all partners ICFM & ICB.

See you again at ICFM & ICB & ICB Global ♥️

KEEP CALM and HIRE a ICB & ICFM 🌎🇬🇧 Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and all partners ICB & ICFM ♥️

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