January 2022

2022 is the 15th anniversary of ICFM UK Global and ICB UK Global in Eastern Europe. If you want to roll back the mountains, start with small pebbles. Success does not fall from the sky, it must be earned… Success loves those who are not afraid to take the initiative and take responsibility for their decisions and actions – and this is about our partners in the global network ICFM & ICB 🇬🇧🌍

Nothing is impossible for a person who has a dream and a goal.
We need to find this, and understand how to achieve this, and start working together – because together we are a great force.
And then everything will work out ❗️
Joint global events are planned for the 15th anniversary of ICFM Global & ICB Global Eastern Europe
🇬🇧 April / May London;
🌏 July Eastern Europe;
🇮🇹 September Italy / Greece;
🇬🇧 November London, Luca Awards and Summit Bookkeepers;
🌏 December Eastern Europe.

All events in 2022 will be held as part of the 15th anniversary of the global network ICFM Global & ICB Global in Eastern Europe.

Sincere thanks to all our partners, members, friends, ICFM & ICB Eastern European participants for our joint journey together – we have come a long way, but our success has always been based on partnership, reliability, trust and support – we admire and are proud of you and your achievements, you are cool and incredible THANK YOU 💛💙 We really appreciate our relationship.

To see the picture in general – you need to go further‼ ️
It always helps to see new opportunities and move with new changes.

Let your success exceed your expectations and opportunities.

Never be afraid of change – it’s only for the better‼ ️
Jim Ron said: When you know what you want, and you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to get it.
Thank you for being with the ICFM Global & ICB Global 🇬🇧🌎

Sincerely Helen Khorikova ,
Team Institute of Certified Financial Managers UK Ukraine 🇬🇧 🇺🇦

#15thanniversaryICFMICBUKEasternEurope 🇬🇧🌍
#15thanniversaryICFMICBUKinUkraine 🇺🇦🌎
♥️ KEEP CALM and HIRE a ICB & ICFM & All partners ICB Global 🌎🇬🇧 Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

🇬🇧🌍 ICB Global: ICB & ICFM has its representatives in 141 countries. 5200 examination centers in the world. 265 000 students and members in the world.

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